Saturday, February 28, 2015

My Birthday Prayer

I turned 33 this week. In recent years, I have made little pomp around my birthday. KK always gets me something special (it was a massage this year), and my coworker and family remember in little ways, but that's about it, and I like it that way. I threw a party for myself when I turned 30 (and had two cakes!), and that was really fun, but that was for a big milestone. I even hide my birthday on Facebook because I don't care for the all the birthday wishes coming from people I barely know only because a computer prompted them to do it. I like to see who actually remembers my birthday, and I appreciate the small, intimate group of close loved ones that do.

Anyway, I spent a chunk of my birthday repeating this prayer:

God, please please PLEASE let this be my last childless birthday. Please let the waiting for parenthood be almost over. Please let me turn 34 with a sweet, beautiful baby in my arms.


  1. Happy Birthday, friend! :)

    I wish for this to be the last childless birthday right along with you.

  2. My prayers are the same for you! Happy birthday! :)

  3. Prayers that your prayers are answered! Happy Birthday!