Friday, March 28, 2014

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9:04 A.M.

I’m up in the air, on a flight from Houston to Omaha. I was away on a work trip this week. Work trips tend to have the same flow to them for me. I am busy, busy, busy with meetings and people all day. Then, I enjoy happy hour and maybe a decent dinner, either solo or as part of a meeting or event. Rarely do I go out after dinner or a reception. Instead, I go back to my hotel room at a decent hour with every intention of winding down and going to bed. I might stay up and do a little work on my computer, but I generally slide into bed with plenty of time to get a full night of sleep. However, the combination of mindless TV shows and the glow of my tablet keep me up as I play games or read.

This trip, I found myself visiting blogs by women experiencing infertility and leaning on God to deal with the burden of it all. I am particularly drawn to the stories of other women like me – trying to trust in the bigger picture of this struggle, clinging to the calling of parenthood, but ultimately trusting that God’s will is where they need to place their trust. I’m not finding enough stories about ladies like me, so I’ve decided to add my story to the Internet. I’d like to have a blog for my own benefit, but if from time-to-time, a similar soul finds my story, reads a post, and finds some comfort or hope, then I would be very pleased to pass along the support that several brave women are giving to me during this tough time in my life.

I’ve been on this tangled path of infertility full of different terrains for almost a year and a half. My heart goes out to those that have been on the path longer than I, and I also feel for those in their first days of realizing that something simply isn’t as it’s supposed to be. While I’ve found great moments of peace and grace in this journey, I wouldn’t wish it upon anyone, and I do pray that God’s will includes some sort of end or closure to this path. Although I know there are people struggling with much heavier crosses than this that I can’t begin to imagine and never want to experience, I’m human, and issues that are out of my control and cause discomfort of any sort are to be avoided in my nature (heck, our nature!).

So, here I am, and here is my blog about being a Catholic woman who is experiencing infertility. Thanks for stopping by.

God, thanks for the ability to put my thoughts into words in a way that helps me find peace. Thank You for inspiring other women to share their stories and give me comfort during this difficult period in my life. Thank You for the incredible support You give me through Your presence in my life in countless ways, especially through my amazing husband and family. Please help me to continue to find peace by trusting in You and appreciating all the beautiful blessings I currently have in my life, with my faith being the most precious. Please allow anyone reading this to feel Your love too.


  1. Welcome! I'm a newbie blogger too. I didn't blog during my infertility years but wish now that I had. Thanks for being brave enough to start sharing your story. It has taken me years to find the courage to share mine. Having been down that road, be assured of my prayers.

  2. I'm a newbie, too :) I started my blog last year to announce my pregnancies to friends and family, but God had a different plan for my life. So glad you've joined the ranks of these incredibly faithful and brave women! Like you, I have drawn SO much strength from reading about others' journeys... though I wish you didn't have to go through all of this, I'm glad we could connect :)