Saturday, March 29, 2014

My Showstopping Husband

I can't keep secrets from my husband or lie to him.

I was supposed to fly back home Thursday night. I was SO excited to get to the airport and get on my way to see my guy! However, after some troubles checking in and the ticket lady doing some digging around, she said, "Oh honey, your flight left at 6 AM this morning! You booked an AM flight, not a PM." I felt like a such an idiot! Luckily it got sorted out without too much hassle, and I sent my husband a text that my flight was cancelled. But, once we were on the phone and he asked, "Canceled, huh? What on earth happened?" I had to come clean.

So, knowing that he'd find out out about this blog sooner or later (I'd leave it up on the computer or something eventually), I told him last night that I decided to start a blog, and I'm writing it for me and other ladies dealing with infertility. He was cool with it last night, but this morning he shared that he's worried I'll share stuff on here and not with him. "We're a team, don't forget that."

So, I assured him that I won't do that, and we have a very strong relationship where I really do feel like I can talk to him about anything. Because of how the Creighton Model is designed, he's very involved in everything. His favorite parts of the Creighton Model are 1) marking I for intercourse, 2) the "dancing baby stickers," and 3) yelling "Bear down!" from the bedroom to me in the bathroom as I check my CM for the last time before sleep.

His beard grew out a bit more while I was gone, and I joked that he looked like Kris Kringle, so that's what I'll call him on my blog. He really is my showstopper - he is always surprising me and blowing me away with what a good person he is and how good we are for each other. So far, this journey of infertility has brought us closer together, and our perspectives have changed together. We were married in the Catholic Church 3 years ago. Kris Kringle was raised a in a Protestant religion and converted to Catholicism 2 years ago (at the Easter Vigil). It was so cool to be his sponsor. NFP and Theology of the Body were never part of our marriage "training," and we both had perceptions grossly misinformed by mainstream culture. We are so blessed to both have come around to the teachings of the Church to help us through this process. If one of us had latched on to the Church's teachings and the other had not, this would have been so much more difficult. Our FertilityCare teacher has shared stories of this not always being the case, and I really can't imagine how much harder this would be if Kris Kringle and I were on different pages.

Anyway, that's my guy, and I love him so, so much. As much as we want to be parents, we already have a life that is full of so many blessings. Sometimes we lose sight of that, but we try to help each other remember when it gets tough.

God, thank You for Kris Kringle. I hope that me calling him that makes You giggle a little, especially since I'm writing it out in prayer to You. Thank You for the gift of mostly understanding how our little couple fits into the big picture of creating life (at least for right now) and serving You here on earth. Please help other couples dealing with infertility to recognize the gifts they have in each other, and please strengthen their relationships during this difficult journey.

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