Sunday, April 6, 2014

Being an Ambassador

Kris Kringle and I had dinner with an old friend of his last week. The friend's wife is in OB/GYN residency. The friend mentioned that there are few people in the wife's "class" (cohort? I have no idea what that would be called) who are Mormon and don't believe in contraception, indicating that this was a little (a lot of!) weird. I glanced at Kris Kringle, and I went for it. "Well, we're actually of the NFP camp and will not being using contraception in our marriage."

I didn't jump on a soapbox, but I want the friend to know that there are people out there who don't see contraception as a good thing, and that lots of good things have entered our marriage because we've chosen to practice. Kris Kringle offered a few nuggets, and that was really nice to hear him do that with a buddy who was an old frat brother. We shared that I am being treated at PPVI, and because of our open hearts and practice of the Creighton Model, we are finally getting answers and more hopeful about our future than ever.

The friend was really respectful and supportive. I doubt he'll run home and start exploring it, but I'm really glad I'm at a place where I don't feel ashamed to share what we're going through and how we're approaching this issue moving forward.

Do you share your approach to sex and contraception with people when there is an opportunity?

God, thanks for taking us along a path that revealed the blessings offered by being open to life at all times. Help us to be an example for other couples and proud messengers of the amazing gift of NFP!

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  1. My husband and I love to witness about NFP. Unfortunately, the opportunity doesn't come up much. While in St. Louis, my husband and I enjoyed being a "witness couple" who volunteered for the archdiocesan NFP office and spoke about NFP at pre-cana classes. Now, we have moved to KY and I am looking forward to sharing about NFP in our new parish where most have never heard of it.
    Also, because of our recent move, I'm behind on blog reading but I'll get caught up on yours again soon.