Monday, August 18, 2014

Little Happies - Vol. 2 (& Cycle Update)

Happy Monday to y'all! I'm happy to share my Little Happies today, hosted by Blessed to Be.


There is this great little store on the internet called Hel.lo Holiday, and they are located in Omaha! I love finding little goodies on there and picking them up in person so I don't have to pay shipping. They had $20 grab bags for sale, so I scooped up one up and got these great finds! The scissors necklace is a little weird, but I love the scarf. I actually bought it for my sister earlier this year, so now I have it too! I've worn both already. The scissors are actually very pointy, and I could easily use them to stab someone if I ever felt like it/needed to.


That's a birthday bundlet, y'all. The bakery? No.thing Bundt Cakes in Omaha. The occasion? Kris Kringle's 33rd birthday. It snuck up on me, sort of. I offered a birthday dinner to KK, and he chose my awesome veggie enchiladas, but I didn't think ahead. The eve of his birthday, I had no ingredients! I flexed my schedule on his birthday and went to the grocery store, threw it all in the slow cooker, and found him a kegerator for his big present! I told him I needed him to get the condiments I forgot in the car. He was not happy about that but went down to get them, and I watched from the window as he opened the garage door and the car trunk and then just stared at the big unmarked box. I ran down and yelled, "Surprise! It's a kegerator!" The confusion melted off his face. I knew I scored because he kept commenting all night, "I can't believe I have a kegerator!" I also got him some old records of Jimmy Buffett and George Harrison. It was a good birthday!


I won't go into much detail because I already wrote a whole blog post about it, but I consecrated myself to Mary last week, and it was life changing. Already, I'm finding myself calling on Mary in trying moments when in the past, I had struggled to call on anyone. This is great!


KK and I had Date Day in Lincoln on Saturday, we visited a few local breweries and went to a beer tasting a historical foundation. The weather was perfect, and we had a lot of fun. That's the state capitol peeking out from behind the trees. It was construction in 1922-1932, and I just love the "date" of the architecture.


(warning: this isn't mine!)

Amy at This Cross I Embrace announced her pregnancy, 8 years after starting TTC. Her blog was the first IF blog I found, and I followed it quietly for months before finding other blogs and starting my own. She has had a huge impact on how I am trying to cope with IF, and to know that this very special blessing was given to her and her husband make my heart swell. There is nothing but happiness in my heart for them. I think I'm at a point in my journey where I no longer believe it will happen for us, but it does give me hope that after years of wanting this and moving into a "later stage" of acceptance, miracles do happen. I look forward to following her in this new chapter, and I will continue to pray for her health and the health of all my sisters in IF.

Coming up this week... I hope I hear back from my doctor this week. I had one day of change in my CM that warranted a white baby sticker, and my FCP said that would be considered a peak day. So last Wednesday, I went in for a P+7 blood draw. Do I really think it was a peak day? No, but I did not want to wait another 2+ weeks to see my doctor and do nothing until then. Hopefully they'll take a look. I'd love to get started on some progesterone so I could try to trigger a bleed. I'm on CD 66 or something like that. Le sigh.

Update! I received an email from PP.VI about the blood draw: Hi Chella, You have not ovulated yet per the results (duh!)....the progesterone was lower at <.20 and estradiol 5.3. She would like you to come in for a progesterone injection to try and get your cycle started. You can do this anytime this week. You would call the office to set up an appointment for the 200mg injection of progesterone. Your menses would start within 2 weeks. Thanks and let me know if you have any questions....

Aside from the poor use of ellipses (yes, this is me), I'll take it. I'm a little nervous that we are about to start the sequel to what we did in January 2013-September 2013 - round after round of progesterone (with or without estradiol) to try to trigger a bleed that will never ever come. But, I'll give it the ol' college try.


  1. Love everything about this post except for the CD66! Prayers for you as you wait on your doc!!

  2. Ditto to the above comment! My DH and I also had cakes from nothing bundt cakes for our anniversary! I had no idea they were all over the country!

  3. All of this! So good! I'm loving that grab bag. How fun! And date day? Yes plz! Sign me up (with my own husband, of course). Glad to hear you're calling on Mary more and more. It's a beautiful thing. Actually, have you read these posts by Kaitlin?

    I LOVE her relationship with Mary. It's beautiful. :)