Thursday, May 1, 2014

Pre-op Consult Success/Swim Test Results

So I went into PP.VI on Tuesday to 1) have my stitches looked at (5+ weeks post lapro and the knots are still there) and 2) to just have some time with my doctor to ask about the things Kris Kringle and I have been chewing on since deciding to do the second surgery. Everything went great. She pulled out the knots in my stitches (everything else had dissolved) and took all the time I needed to talk about different things about my treatment. Here are a few highlights.

1) How come they do ovarian wedge resections instead of ovarian drilling? I had seen on some PCOD message boards that more women are getting that procedure done over the wedge. Doc's answer was basic - they've seen much better results with the wedge.

2) What happens after surgery? We will wait "a few months" without any additional supplements/medications to see what my body does on its own endo-free and with smaller ovaries. 90% of women get a regular cycle after the wedge, and that could take 1-3 months to happen. - God, please let me be one of those 90%!

3) What sort of exercise/activity restrictions? I will need to take it easy at first, but I can ease back into activity and exercises as my body will allow (I just need to listen to what my body's telling me). Walking will be important to prevent blood clots. She did say that I should hold off on training for races until we have "this" sorted out, which is a little bit of a bummer for me to hear, but I figured my fertility will not be optimal if I'm in the throes of marathon training, so this wasn't a shock.

4) Last time I moved on the table while I was out, and we poked a hole in Ms. Uterus. I'm terrified I will move again and we'll lob off one my ovaries. Yes, that was weird. I just need to tell the anesthesiologist and try not to worry about that freak thing reoccurring.

5) We've talked before about my low libido. Can we do anything about this? Yes, we can prescribe testosterone, but let's see how surgery goes before we do that.

6) My rings aren't fitting like they should. The thyroid meds I'm on can cause swelling. Thank goodness that's what it is! Typically rings not fitting are a sign of weight gain for me, and I've lost a little lately.

7) I don't know anyone like me. It's hard to have hope when I don't know anyone with symptoms quite like mine. I have yet to find someone who, like me, is experiencing complete amenorrhea. It's hard to believe I'll get a period after this surgery after not having one in over 18 months. Doc told me a little bit about a patient like me (no periods, marathon runner, thin PCOD) that had wedge resection and has had two children post-wedge. That helped a little, but it's also concerning that she could only think of one... you know?

8) How did The Swim Test go? Overall it went "fine." KK's swimmers have "slighly low motility" (53, they like to see 69+), but they aren't concerned enough to recommend any treatment. Doc recommended Pro.xeed if we want to do something, but she wasn't prescribing it as a course of treatment. At first, we said that yes, we would do that, anything to better our chances, but a little bit of Googling has us gulping at the price (about $100/month) and concerned about the ingredients. Is there an alternative out there? I told KK that he needs to do a little homework and decide if he wants to take it or not. We have a little bit of time to think about it. If anyone has insight, I'm all ears (eyes?).

Overall, I just feel even better about the surgery. I trust my doctor at PP.VI 100%. It's hard to believe that a year ago, we were in the deep of this infertility muck already, I was feeling despair and lost, and then in June, a few job opportunities came my way out of nowhere, and the one that was right for us dropped us right by PP.VI. God is very, very good.

God, thank You so much for the brilliant team I have taking care of me at PP.VI, especially my doctor. Thank You for the peace and calm I've been experiencing related to my health issues lately. Help us to make a good, informed decision about working on KK's motility. Please watch over my medical team and guide them during my surgery in two weeks.


  1. A very positive update overall! Happy to hear the swim test had positive results. I think my husband has a slightly-lower-than-normal motility too, but we haven't done anything about it. Our NaPro doc said not to worry. I've thought about prox.eed too but DANG that's a lot of money!!! Prayers for you continued healing and your next surgery!!

  2. Sounds like some great updates, congrats! I know it's hard to feel excited when most good news also contains the "BUT..." that comes with time, and waiting. Still, I hope you find some joy in these new developments. My husband's count was low-normal but if you did the SA collection like we did (and it sounds like the process was the same), my doctor said that using the "collection device" can effect the results slightly. Therefore, although we were borderline, he actually classified us as "great" given the number of swimmers that would have been negatively effected by the device. Anyway, something to consider :) prayers for peace as you approach your next surgery!!